Did you know that termite damage (or white ants as they are sometimes referred to) is estimated to cost around 1 BILLION DOLLARS annually in Australia…which insurance DOES NOT COVER.

Termite Control Services

Termites are a serious problem in Queensland, affecting 1 in 3 homes in areas from Brisbane to Cairns.  Unfortunately in most cases  homeowners are not aware their home has termites until substantial damage has been done.

Termite Control - Free Inspections & Quote

Termites will eat anything inside your home made from wood, and may even damage electrical wiring and plasterboard walls, leaving nothing but a paper-thin layer of paint. Unfortunately by this time (in most cases) they can be right through your home, causing severe structural damage that may be too expensive to repair. There are quite a few cases where homeowners have had to walk away from their home, due to the extent of termite damage.

Injecta Pest Control specialise in effective prevention and treatment of termite control

Adopting a regular inspection routine is your best defence against the invasion of termites to your property. Injecta Pest Control specialise in effective prevention and treatment of termite control, using the latest technology and techniques servicing the Wide Bay area since 1989.

Termite Inspection Reports

Buying or selling a property? Ensure there are no nasty surprises. Check for termites before you buy.
Buying a home is probably the largest financial decision that you’ll make in your life, so it is crucial to know exactly what you are getting before you settle on a property.
Injecta Pest Control will complete an assessment on your existing or new property, providing you with a report including;

  • Detailed information relating to building construction & design.
  • Termite identification
  • Possible inspection limitations
  • Outcome & findings
  • Summary of findings
  • Recommendations
  • Treatment Proposal

12 Month Warranty of Services

  • A thorough inspection of the property and all buildings… inside and out, including roof and subfloor voids.

  • Identification of wood to earth contact, such as fences or verandahs in the ground that touch the home.

  • Locating areas of excessive moisture and sloping soil levels. Soil levels that allow water to pool around the foundation walls, leaking water taps, air conditioning units, pool filters and above-ground swimming pools.

  • Proper application of the termiticide according to the label, Australian Standards, Building Code Australia and Federal and State Laws.

  • Complete barrier termiticide application for long term residual control. It must be noted however, that even the most thorough and complete barrier application of whatever termite barrier product used, does not guarantee against further termite attack. This is why we recommend 6-12 monthly inspections to ensure the highest level of cover to the treated structures.